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Esti Nagy is an Australian artist and illustrator living in Perth. Her enchanting work combines realism with stylised graphic elements inspired by the natural world. From digital creations to large-scale mural art in acrylics, Esti works across a range of mediums and scales to express her deep spiritual connection to nature and animals, portraying the soul and connectedness of all living things.


Born in Hungary, Esti was exposed to the world of art from a young age by her sculptor mother. Her family then relocated to the culturally diverse island of Mauritius when she was ten, before she finally settled in Australia to pursue a Bachelor's degree in graphic design and illustration at Curtin University. Later, Esti completed a degree in landscape architecture at the University of Western Australia and went on to work on several large projects combining art, nature and architecture. Driven to express herself more fully through art and illustration, Esti began her business as an artist in 2015 and has since completed numerous commissions, including several murals for local government, community groups, and private clients. She has participated in many group exhibitions and held her first solo show in 2020.


Esti’s artistic achievements have been recognised with several awards. Over the past two years, she has been the recipient of two of the City of Stirling's Creative Communities Grants. 

Spirit Wolf.jpeg



From a young age, I have felt a profound spiritual connection to the natural world and its inhabitants. Through my art, I strive to honour and express this innate bond. My creations often begin with a vision that is revealed to me through quiet meditation. As I delve deeper into this initial inspiration, I find myself drawn to explore and celebrate the interconnectedness of all things. I see art-making as a sacred of alchemy that enhances my life and serves to enrich the lives of others.


I love working in a range of mediums and scales - from small paper works to large murals - I find great delight and inspiration in variety and experimenting. In my process I often combine several mediums, from traditional oils, pencils, and acrylics to digital tools. Detailed realism is a big part of my work, which I contrast and layer with simple graphic shapes, patterns or abstract backgrounds. 


Colour is another central part of my work - I love exploring colour harmonies and the interplay between vibrant and muted hues. When creating murals, I always carefully consider the surrounding environment, striving to integrate the work with its surroundings. With a background in design, illustration, and architecture, my creative process is guided by careful planning and research, typically through the use of digital mediums. I then build my works in layers, whether on canvas, paper, or walls, until my subjects take on a life of their own and become imbued with a sense of soul.


I am particularly drawn to depicting animals and the natural world, often featuring children interacting with these subjects in my works. Through my art, I seek to inspire a sense of wonder and reverence for the natural world and all its inhabitants, celebrating the beauty and interconnectedness of all things.



Born: Hungary in July 1977


Formal Education: 


2016 - 2018, Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy, IKON Institute of Australia

2015 - 2016, Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Castor and Pollux

2006 - 2010, Bachelor of Arts (Landscape Architecture), University of Western Australia

1998 - 2002, Bachelor of Arts (Graphic Design and Illustration), Curtin University of Technology



Additional art training with:

Nicholas Wilton - CVP 2020 (Creative Visionary Program) and 2020 -22 member of the Art2Life Academy of CVP graduates. 

Drewfus Gates - Claremont School of Art and private workshops 

Joss Gregson - Fremantle Arts Centre
Szemok Zsuzsanna – Sculptor and Artist, Hungary, private tuitions 


Solo Exhibition:

2021     Not Separate: The Tamed and the Wild; Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance. With In-kind support from the Cannery                    Arts Centre due to COVID-19.


Group Exhibitions: 

2022     Cannery Arts Centre Art Awards, Esperance

2021     Shortlisted for the City of Stirling Art Exhibition and Awards

2020     The Art of Isolation, Cannery Arts Centre

             Salvage - Art From the Shed, Cannery Arts Centre

2019     The 9x5 Exhibition, Cannery Arts Centre

             Kalgoorlie-Boulder Art Prize, Goldfields Arts Centre

             Something Fishy, Cannery Arts Centre

2018     Flotsam and Jetsam, Cannery Arts Centre

             Art on the Move, Cannery Arts Centre

2015     City of Stirling Art Awards
2015     RAW Artists Merge Exhibition
2015     Cossack Art Awards
2013     City of Stirling Art Awards
2013     Fremantle Art Centre Students Exhibition
2010     UWA Architecture School Graduates Exhibition 

2002     Curtin University Design Graduates Exhibition 


2023.   'Suburban Jungle', Scarborough Scout Hall, sponsored by the City of Stirling's Community Creativity Funding

2022    ‘Australian Sea Lions’ and ‘Rock Wallabies and Friends’, Esperance Boulevard Shopping Centre, for Charter Hall

2022    ‘Raising the Sun’ - Lachie’s House, Esperance Crisis Accommodation

2021    'Black Cockatoos Flying Over Bushland', Hollywood Private Hospital for Ramsay Healthcare 

2020    ‘Raising the Sun’, Lachies’ House, Esperance Crisis Accommodation

2020    'Lucky Bay Mural', Esperance Hospital in collaboration with Pauline Bonney, for the Lions Club and Hospital Auxiliary

2018    'Esperance Kangaroos', Esperance Scouts Hall, for the Shire of Esperance's Edge of the Bay Festival

2017    'Celebrating Esperance' - for the Festival of the Wind Committee

2017    ‘Octopus’ and ‘Painting the Ocean’ at Mullaloo Beach Surf lifesaving Club for the City of Joondalup

2016   'The Owl and the Girl' - Souljahs Cafe, Roleystone

2016    'The Flying Whales' - Private Property, Scarborough

2016    'A Magical World', Esperance High School Library

2015    'Kangaraff '- and 'Magpie' - Private Property, Scarborough



​2022 - 23 City of Stirling Community Creativity Fund recipient for ‘Suburban Jungle’ Mural and community engagement workshops 

2022 - Cannery Arts Centre Art Awards - Highly Commended painting award

2022, City of Stirling Community Creativity Fund recipient for expressive arts workshop series

2015, City of Stirling Art Awards, Best Oil Painting 
2009, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, Best overall student in Landscape Architecture award
2000, Illustration Award for best final year performance in BA (Design), Curtin University 

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