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Our Story 

Esti has painted many much loved murals around Perth and Esperance. It brings her such joy to see people interacting with her creations - especially little ones. For a long time she has wanted to share the many characters that inhabit her artworks more widely - so the idea of converting them to wall decals emerged. We searched everywhere to find the best production partner locally and we are so pleased with what we can now offer to you. 

Our Decals 

Printed in Perth, Australia, using the safest, highest quality Canon UVgel inks, onto matte, re-positionable, self-adhesive fabric. These are the highest quality wall stickers available and will look beautiful for many years! You can apply them to almost all smooth surfaces without damaging your walls - the perfect decoration if you are renting. They are so much fun to install with your little ones! Perfect for placing beside a cot or a bed to create a magical underwater world.

Made from Esti's original mural artworks, our decals have stunning vibrant colours and details and a hand-painted feel whilst they are also very life-like and full of soul and character. 



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Connecting to nature through art

Everything we create here at Soulful Octopus comes from a place of childlike wonder and delight in our natural world. 

We believe in nurturing our children and inner children so they may value and revere the natural world and fellow creatures who share our planet. We want everyone to be able to live in spaces that remind them of our connectedness to nature and all its beauty and wonder.


We create art from the heart and believe in providing the highest quality products and service with the smallest environmental footprint and safe for the health of even the most sensitive ones. We have a big passion for bringing beauty and goodness to the world.

About the art of Soulful Octopus

Esti is an award-winning artist living in Perth, Australia, with her partner Jay and two gorgeous rescued dogs. The whole family has been vegan for over a decade. Her daily walks and encounters in nature inspire her joyous, soulful art. 

With a background in design, illustration and landscape architecture, Esti truly appreciates how much our living spaces affect our well-being. She has even designed and built a straw bale cottage with Jay! 

Esti has created many murals over the past decade and her decals are based on her much-loved public artworks. The works are photographed and lovingly re-mastered digitally using a drawing tablet so all the details are 'just perfect' and truly beautifully detailed even up close!


Please do not hesitate to send Esti a message if you have any questions, she is always happy to answer. 

If you have suggestions of animals you would like to see as decals, drop her a line too.  We are working on growing our collection after launching our first three decal sets. Follow us to get notified as our collection grows. 


Thanks so much for being a part of our Soulful Octopus adventure!

Our decal sets


Where can the decals be applied?

Decals can be applied to many surfaces including painted walls, laminate panels, stainless steel, glass, white-goods as well as other smooth surfaces. It is not recommended to use the decals on rough, porous or speckled and irregular surfaces such as brick or unpainted plaster.

How do I apply the decals?

Applying the decals is super easy, just follow these steps:

1) Make sure your wall is smooth, clean and dry.

2) Peel off backing paper and stick on to the wall.
3) Remove to rearrange.
 Tip: Keep the white backing paper if you intend to move home or need to store the decals - that way you can store them easily and re-use them later. 

Please note that some of the decals with tiny details such as the sea horses and crab can be a little tricky to remove and might need some patience and adult help. 

Will the decals remove paintwork when they are removed?

If the painted wall has been properly primed and painted then they will not remove paintwork. We have tested the decals on many painted surfaces without issue.

What preparation is required before applying the decal?

The substrate should be cleaned to ensure it is free of grease, dust, dirt and other debris. Once cleaned, the surface should be allowed to completely dry before applying the decal.

Are there any other things to consider?

Yes, freshly painted walls should be allowed to cure before applying decals. Typical water based paints should be allowed to cure for 3-7 days before applying decals. Solvent based or 2-pack paints should be allowed to cure for at least 2 weeks.

This is what friends who received a free sample of our products are saying: 

luois cropped.jpg
"I chose the sea lions for my son's bedroom and it has done the trick with brightening it up. The quality of the decal is fantastic, it is very easy to peel and sticks safely and securely with ease."

Alice, Perth

Be amongst the first to try our brand-new product offering! Use code: WELCOME15 to get 15% off your first order. 

If you purchase our decals, please remember to leave us a review. As we are brand-new to the market, a review is so valuable in helping spread the word. Thanks for helping Soulful Octopus grow, I am incredibly grateful!

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